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TEC Mailing Solution improves mailing list productivity, eliminates duplicates
Rick Weaver
Detroit Business Development Examiner

"For Lease" are commonplace in the Detroit
(Impact Press Photo/Rick Weaver)
With record numbers of Michigan businesses relocating or going out of business, many organizations are struggling to keep their mailing free of duplicates and incorrect addresses. The result is a productive mailing list without wasted postage and printing costs.

TEC Mailing Solutions' has launched MailListCleaner.com that can update any list of names and addresses in a matter of minutes, securely over the internet.

“We are the only USPS licensed provider that can offer this service in such a true efficient manner,” says Brian Euclide, president of TEC.

TEC uses extremely efficient protocols to quickly update a list. With a cost of roughly $50, a business owner will move into positive return on investment (ROI) after only 80 to 120 bad addresses are detected.

“The return on investment for this is phenomenal,” says Euclide. “Just imagine, no wasted stamps, no wasted letters, no wasted time painstakingly going through individual records, and most importantly, the customer actually gets to see your message.”

MailListCleaner recently helped a Florida auto dealer with its direct mailing list. Of the 153,000 names on the list, over 70 percent duplicated other entries. This means the auto dealer would have sent out duplicates to over 100,000 people! With a typical postage cost of 25 cents and material cost of approximately 16 cents for a Standard letter, that would have been $41,000 of pure loss for the company.

Duplicates also tend to disgruntle customers when they continually receive several pieces of the same material. This can leave a lesser image of the company with the customer the next time they receive a mailing. With an updated listing, the message is laser guided directly to the customer—no repeats.

“MailListCleaner.com was designed to help small businesses with as little as 100 records, to non-profits, to medical companies, all the way up to companies that have millions of records” says Euclide.

In addition to saving money by making sure customers receive the message the first time, TEC is also recognized by the U.S. Postal Service as a licensed provider of a Move Update Solution. Undeliverable mail is extremely time consuming and expensive, annually costing the USPS $2 billion and it is a significant contributor to its operating deficits. As a result, utilizing tools found at MailListCleaner.com qualifies businesses for discounted postage, which further saves the company money and adds to the ROI.

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