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Jim GeiskingJames "Jim" Geisking joined a local public relations/marketing firm in 1997 after owning and operating a dairy farm for 17 years. He has since become one of the most respected Public Relations professionals in Wisconsin.

Jim's work resulted in regular news coverage throughout the tri-state region, including morning commute coverage on Chicago's number-one radio show, The Spike O'Dell Show. Jim’s work reflects his abilities to garner broadcast coverage for any topic in major markets. National publicity has included large stories in USA TODAY, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and on Good Morning America. International coverage has been obtained as well. 

A great storyteller, Jim's persistence and soft-spoken manner have been the combined keys to his success. Reporters know they can call him day or night, early or late, to get the story.

Jim is also an enthusiastic golfer, a friend to everyone. He has two children, Logan and Tristan.

"I enjoy working with Jim, and I can’t say that about all PR folks. He’s creative and persistent in pitching story ideas and offering his clients as expert sources. At the same time, Jim understands that I won’t bite on everything he sends my way. He takes the time to talk over what I’m really looking for, and then looks for ways to add a layer of perspective to my stories.”

Thomas Content, Energy Writer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“I've been working at 1310 WIBA for over 5 years now...and ever since my contact with Jim started, he's been nothing but helpful!  If I ever have a topic in mind, he always has a contact that can come on our morning show...and layout the details for us.  Even better yet, Jim would send us daily emails, with story ideas that would either tie in nicely with a news topic, or be a story of interest for our station and listeners.  And no matter when Jim sent that email, he seemed to always be ready to help.  Within ten minutes of contacting him, I have my guest lined up for the morning show, or immediately for a news interview.”

“On a personal note, I have never met someone with so much energy and love for his job!  Jim truly cares about the people he works with and wants to benefit everyone that is involved in the matter!  I highly recommend working with Jim...for the guy knows just about everyone in the area, and manages to pull off a professional and always kind manner despite his busy schedule!”

Chandra Lynn, Producer/Anchor/Reporter 1310 WIBA

“Jim Geisking has an uncanny ability to make news happen for his clients. He approaches public relations in the best possible way: by working with media outlets to learn what they find intriguing and then applying their interests to the organization(s) he represents. By working this way, he makes everyone’s life a little easier, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved. The media knows they can trust him to provide only stories of interest to fit their markets and demographics.”

Scott Jackson Smith, Event Marketing Director-Purple Door Productions

Jim Geisking is a true PR great. He intuitively knows where to find a story and has an incredible knack for putting a local angle on a topic to make it relevant to the audience. He has earned wide-spread respect of myriad reporters and editors which in turn leads to prompt response and unmatched loyalty in the business.

On a personal level Jim is a loyal and dedicated business partner. He will put himself out there for topics that he believes in. One specific instance is the Cari Hadac benefit where he worked countless hours to promote a benefit for a little girl with brain cancer. With just a few phone calls he had secured live interviews and superb coverage of the event. No other PR professional I've worked with has demonstrated this level of response. I highly recommend retaining Jim's services for any business!

Jessica Drexler, Marketing Consultant, Structure Marketing

"Many U.S. cities have slow-pitch softball leagues for senior men but we discovered that the closest senior league to Madison was in West Allis.  We didn't want to drive all the way to West Allis to play every week so we decided to start a senior league in the our area – “The Greater Madison Senior Softball League” but, there was only one problem - how to get the word out to other senior men in our area.  It is like having a fantastic restaurant with great food and low prices, but if no one knows about it, your restaurant will be empty.  Thanks to Jim's publicity, our "restaurant" is now full.  We started with just the two of us last fall, and after many media appearances that were arranged by Jim, we now have 120 players to start our new league this spring.  Jim's publicity made all the difference.  Every time we made a media appearance, the phone started ringing with senior men eager to join the league.  We were hoping to get three or four teams this first year, but thanks to Jim's publicity, we are starting with eight full teams!

Ray Blum/Bob Ruhland, Presidents, Greater Madison Senior Softball League

“Public Relations  is one of those things  you have a hard time measuring but if you listen close to your customers they see you in the strangest place. If you are not in front of the media you will never get on the radar with media. You need a consistent message and insider like Jim to achieve  TV, print and radio  media coverage . Jim has done this and continues to push us to get the message out. We are excited about our future PR events that truly create the BUZZ that keeps our business top of mind.” 

Scott Acker, Owner-Quaker Steak and Lube, Middleton, New Berlin, Janesville

"Jim is persistent with his story pitches and even if I tell him 'no thanks' he always responds in a professional manner."

Capital Times business reporter-Mike Ivey

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