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Chelsea Sexton Reveals "Revenge of the Electric Car"
Automotive Digest Weekly

Electric cars will get their revenge this summer, when Chelsea Sexton, star of “Who Killed the Electric Car” comes to town for the 5th annual Green Drive Expo, July 17-18 in Madison, Wis.

Sexton will share the latest in electric vehicle information as she prepares for the 2011 movie release “Revenge of the Electric Car.”

Event founder and manager, Eric Powers, says the 5th annual Green Drive Expo will feature both exciting new features as well as classic mainstays.

The Green Drive Expo started as Hybridfest, and for several years has brought together green drivers from across the nation.

More information can be found at www.Greendriveexpo.com, and event organizer Eric Powers can be contacted at: (608) 729-4082.

Green Drive Expo Showcases Popular MPG Challenge

Returning to Green Drive Expo this year is the always popular MPG Challenge.

Competitors will drive their hybrids, EV cars, and alternative fuel vehicles over a secret course aimed at racking up the highest miles per gallon.

The winner last year notched 195 miles to the gallon over the 26 mile course. Not only is that more than three times what an average hybrid achieves, it's almost 20 times the MPG of a Hummer H2.

There's a growing community of green car lovers out there, and Green Drive Expo gives them a good opportunity to show off.

"That's why we do the Green Drive Expo – where else would these mileage nuts get the chance to show off their vehicles and share their strategies," says event founder and manager, Eric Powers.

San Francisco Now Partnering in Green Drive Expo

Green Drive Expo is launching its west coast counterpart this year in San Francisco.

The new event links an important hub for electric vehicles in the bay area with a still new and growing annual meeting ground in Madison, Wis.

On Sat., Oct. 9. from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the event will take place at the Craneway Pavillion.

During the day, presentations on clean transportation and environmental issues, free green vehicle test drives, informative exhibitor and vendor booths, MPG Challenge winning cars will be on display, and People's Choice Awards for the Green Drive Owners Car Showcase will take place.



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