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Public Relations Specialist
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Take a newspaper, any newspaper, and look at it for five minutes. Now pull it away. What do you remember seeing? Did the tiny black and white ad on the back of page C13 catch your eye, or was it the multiple page story about a local business doing good in the community—the one complete with a full color picture and enticing headline?

The funny thing is, they probably both cost the same to produce.

While the ad was created and space purchased, money invested on a Public Relations campaign can go farther and reach more eyes. People talk about the news, they generally don't mention advertisements.

You might have the most unique, wonderful, amazing story, but without a strong PR campaign, nobody will know about it. I work with the media to make sure your story gets told. From trade media to daily newspapers to the 5 o'clock news, I have relationships with reporters in all outlets of media itching to tell a good tale—make it yours.

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